Welcome to the Karen Ellyard Spiritual Healer web site, please turn on your speakers and view the short introductory video. As a psychic medium and healer, Karen has worked with many people over the years and helped them achieve results that have been life changing. Karen has an amazing ability to connect with spirit guides, and those that have passed over, to communicate their messages. Karen specialises in spiritual healing and would love to offer her services to help you on your journey. Karen is a Reiki Master Teacher and provides many services and is happy to discuss your individual needs, hopes and expectations.

Typically, a session with Karen will include several of the services offered, depending on what is needed at the time as each session is tailored to meet your needs and will be discussed with you when booking a session. Karen is very real and down to earth and understands that she cannot be all things to all people. Although to date, she has never come across someone she has not been able to help. When you ring to book an appointment Karen will be open and honest as to whether she can help you or not. This initial consultation over the phone is free.

Are you interested in developing your psychic ability? Do have strong intuition or feel you may be clairvoyant or clairaudient? Are you interested in learning more about communicating with past loved ones or your spirit guides? Karen can teach you how to get the most from the gifts you already have and may not even be aware of. Click here for details.

Are you interested in learning Reiki, a powerful healing medium, either for self healing, treating others or teaching this method? Karen can teach you all three of the Reiki levels and how to get the most from them. Click here for details

Based at the Gold Coast Karen is available for face to face appointments; or through Skype for live video readings (you will need a web cam); or simply over the phone if you do not have Skype and looks forward to working with you on the next chapter of your life.

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