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Newsletter (August 2010)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

August 2010

I am often asked by people “Will I meet my soul mate” and my answer to that is “you already have”. So many people spend their life craving the perfect romantic partner to suit the ideal their ego has made for them when in reality; I believe we have many soul mates or soul connections, as I prefer to call them. I believe we come here with lessons that we need to learn and there are many souls that have agreed to be part of our life here to help us with those lessons. Our soul connections come into our life to help create the experiences we need to grow and move forward. This can be with situations that come easily to us, or situations that are difficult for us. Their gift to us is their role in helping us connect to who we really are.

If we are wise, they help us reflect within and get us to take a really hard look at ourselves and what we need to work on. So many of us get frustrated, angry and scared when we come across a person or situation that we find difficult. One thing I have learned that no-one can cause me pain and unhappiness, they can only bring out any pain and unhappiness that I have within me. When I come across someone that I am having difficulty with, I have learned, that instead of reacting to

them, I can see that they are a soul connection and that they can really only cause negative emotion in me if they are pressing a button that I still have to work on. I can be thankful to them for highlighting this for me and work on what it is I need to change. They really are a blessing in disguise, a soul connection sent to help me and the sooner I realize that the quicker the situation resolves itself. Our soul connections know us well and often when we meet them we have a feeling of familiarity with them.

So many people get caught up in “Will I find my soul mate?”, “Am I with my soul mate?” or devastated because they thought they were with their soul mate and it ended. Our ego creates a romantic image that has nothing to do with connection and everything to do with judging and limiting. When a partner does not live up to this impossible ideal, issues start. I do not believe you can have a healthy relationship with others until you have a healthy relationship with your inner self. If you judge yourself then you will judge your partner. Issues created by ego will control the relationship instead of allowing you to celebrate it.

Soul connections are not here to feed our ego but support soul and its growth and once we can

understand that relationships take on a whole new perspective.

I wish for you a time of joy, peace and great connections.

Love & joy



"True discovery consists not in finding new landscapes, but in seeing the same landscape with new eyes."
Marcel Proust

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Be kind to yourself. Sit, relax close eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Take a moment to think about your strengths and your skills. Come up with at least five things you like about yourself. Reflect on them, enjoy them and be thankful for them.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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