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Newsletter (August 2011)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

August 2011

This month I would like to talk to you about paths. When I am doing a reading I am very often asked “Am I on the right path” or “How do I know if I am on the right path”. It seems a lot of people think that to be on the right path they need to be doing some world shattering, huge humanitarian work.
I find that if people are questioning then this in itself is a great sign. When we get lost we often stop questioning and just get pushed along with the flow. Not happy but not questioning why.
I believe that when we are born we write our own path and the lessons we choose to learn. People often get confused as to what to do because they don’t ask the right questions. You can’t keep asking the same questions and expect different answers. It’s time to try different questions.
The first one I ask is “How is this serving me?” This is not selfish, situations need to serve you in some way. If you don’t look after yourself you are not going to be able to help anyone else.
The second question I ask is “What is this teaching me, about me?” This seems common sense to me if we are here to learn.
So if you are questioning aspects of your life or seeking something but

not sure what, try these two questions and see what answers you get. Once we learn the lesson we naturally move forward. The trick is asking the questions early in a situation so it does not have to become painful.
This questioning connects us to our spirit and this helps us move forward instead of getting caught up in life’s dramas. It helps us experience the joy in the present moment and move forward on our path.
If you are questioning aspects of your life, this is a good thing. Just add these two questions in and it may help you find a different perspective on what is happening.
Try not to obsess on what is your life’s purpose but instead think about serving a purpose.
When we question, learn our lesson and move on to the next lesson then we are on the right path. We are connected to spirit and evolving which is our purpose. Looking within and questioning is the key. Knowing that when there is conflict it is about us not somebody else and not reacting to life’s dramas.

I wish you a life filled with great love, lessons and blessings.

Love & cheers


"When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us."

Alexander Graham Bell

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take five

I often go and sit in front of a mirror (I find it hard to lie to myself when I look myself in the eye) and ask the question what is this teaching me about me, particularly if I am having issues with someone as I know it is always about me.

Be kind to yourself and be open to your lessons to be learned.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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