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Newsletter (August 2012)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard
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August 2012

Life can be full of curve balls. My beloved dog Charley (I know many of you have been greeted by her) just had a lump removed from her leg. They have found it to be a rare and very quick growing cancer.

They are confident they have removed all of it and its roots, so good news there. As I sat reflecting on what had happened (knowing that everything happens for a reason) I could not help but wonder (don’t you just love being human) why, as when I Reiki myself in the mornings I also Reiki Charley.

My ever patient guide gently whispers to me the lessons he has repeated many times over the years that at times I am slow to see. That our guides and angels aren’t magical beings by our side making everything easy and removing all challenges from our path (how disappointing is that :) ) but are there to help us navigate through the challenges and move forward. Like pealing an onion, we learn one lesson and as we peal that layer back it reveals another. That healing does not mean a cure. For those that know Charley know that she is one of the happiest, most loving and peace filled dogs around. That responsibility does not mean blame. When the wheels fall off the wagon it is not for me to blame

myself and wonder where I am lacking but be responsible for putting the wheels back on, identify what the cause was and try not to repeat it.

Spirituality does not mean perfection, thank goodness, it is a day to day walk searching for the truth in what is in front of us.

In a culture where self love is rarely taught, I would even go as far to say self hate is the message when you look at the impossible images young people compare themselves with, it is so very easy to get blindsided by life and forget that we cannot give what we don’t have. When we have self love we can give love, when we don’t love ourselves (in all of our imperfections) then we tend to radiate need, not love. I believe fear, which is where need comes from, is the root of all inhumanity. The opposite of fear is faith which comes from love. We have to first love ourselves so we can give love as our relationship with our self will reflect in all other relationships. Loving our self allows us to accept ourselves in all of our mistakes and learn. Loving our self also allows us to teach love as an empty vessel cannot fill anything.

I wish you a life filled with patience, kindness and acceptance of yourself.

Love & laughter


"The key to change is to let go of fear."
Rosanne Cash

Recent Happenings

Private Spiritual Mentoring sessions available. Spiritual / Psychic Development and Reiki Course dates coming soon.

I am running a Reiki One towards end of August. This is about self-healing and healing family and friends. Please advise interest.

take five

This exercise can either be done in front of a mirror, sitting imaging yourself or holding a picture of yourself to look at.

Repeat to yourself (try to smile inside)

I totally and absolutely love you
I totally and absolutely believe in you
I accept and celebrate who I am
I deserve the best
Every day I get better and better
I have all I need to move forward

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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