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Newsletter (February 2010)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

February 2010

I am often asked why spirits or guides don’t talk to me. I really believe that they do, it is just that we have forgotten how to listen.
Often when we are in conversation with others, our idea of listening is to think about what we wish to say next to top their story. We are thinking about our response and not actively listening.
One thing I have worked hard on over the years and continue to work on is to listen with my heart and not my ears. Often the words that are said are what we react to. If we had learned to listen with our hearts we would have heard a different message, a message from their heart, the one that was meant to be said.
Lack of communication, true communication, causes so much strife in our lives. How can we expect to hear the soft gentle voice of spirit, be it someone who has passed or our guides or angels when we have not learned how to listen to the people in our lives here.
An example of this is when someone gets angry and says something hurtful or something that is sure to push your buttons. Often we react to the words when if we listened to their heart we might hear them saying that they are hurting, in pain or feeling insecure.

I would encourage you to practise active listening. Listen to the sound of your own voice. Is it gentle? Is it kind? How often does it complain? How often does it laugh or cry?

If you have never heard the heartbeat of your own soul how can you expect to hear the heartbeat of others’ souls?

I have found it helpful to become aware of the sound of silence. If we learn to be “at home” and truly put on our listening ears you will hear so much more.

Maybe, try this with the people in your life, don’t just listen to the words coming out of their mouth, ask your heart what their heart is saying. The more you practise this the easier it will become.

This is truly good for you as well, as you will become less likely to react in a negative manner which reduces your stress, frustration, anger and a lot of negative energy and emotions. Listening with our hearts is beneficial for those around us as well as our own health.

I wish for you a time of hearing as you will be amazed at what you can hear when you truly listen.

Love & joy


Quote for the Month

Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows. Helen Keller

Recent Happenings

There have been some wonderful breakthroughs this past month with becoming aware and dispelling old habits that keep us broke or angry or stressed.

Also some wonderful advice from guides as to directions and gifts.

Take Five

Hearing the heartbeat of your soul – Do a relaxation exercise and breathe gently and deeply.

As you relax visualise an energy field around you.

Set your hands on your knees, palms up, in a receiving attitude.

Ask “What is my purpose” Answer “I am looking for my soul that I might hear its heartbeat”

Visualise your inner child, watch her see you and hold your arms out to her to welcome her. Hold her and listen, listen, listen, listen to her sound.

Practise, Practise, Practise and be patient and kind to yourself in the process.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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