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Newsletter (January 2011)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

January 2011

Happy New Year! As we move into a new year I would like to talk to you about renewal. It is easy to get caught up in the negative side of life with the rising cost of living, bad weather, struggling economies, not to mention the negative side of what we see on television.

It is important to remember that what we focus our attention on we become. There are many blessings in life every day, where is your attention; on hardships, stress and unhappiness (which is created by us) or the blessings and joy in our life? Each day we can choose not to contaminate our mind, heart and emotions with negative thoughts. This is something we need to tackle on a daily basis to create new habits. Be prepared to ask what you are learning from painful situations and see this as a new beginning to moving forward.
Spirituality is not a badge or a label it is a way of life practiced on a daily basis, quietly and without fanfare. Be aware of what you choose to take on board every day that affects you.

I honestly believe we can all be happy spiritual beings if we accept and receive joy and happiness and

abundance into our lives and the lives we connect with.
So what are some of the things that help us achieve this?
I believe if we focus on forgiveness, gratitude and kindness then that is a great start. Usually these three work best when first applied to ourselves. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, be kind to yourself and be grateful for who you are.
Feed your soul with music, art or any creative pursuit that brings your focus into the present moment.
Breathe deeply and allow your body to relax. Enjoy nature more, declutter and give away anything you don’t need any more.
Add more laughter to your life and look for humour in unexpected places. Remind yourself to ‘enjoy the moment’ more often.
Be prepared to change your attitude and the way you see things.
Make choices based on faith not from fear.
Be prepared to look for the lessons in situations and be grateful for those lessons. Trust yourself, you know what you need.

I wish you all a new year filled with love, laughter, kindness and abundance.
Love & cheers


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
- Wayne Dyer

Recent Happenings

Psychic Development Course on Sunday 20th February 2011 is full. 27th February 2011 still has a few places, see my web site for details and testimonials from my last course.

take five

Try this short meditation for abundance.

Sit comfortably, relax and breathe deeply.

Concentrate on a white light surrounding you and relax into that light.

I release all ideas and beliefs of lack in my life. I now open myself to receive my divine abundance. I choose and accept an abundance of prosperity into my life now. I am prosperous in good health. I am prosperous in love. I am prosperous in wealth. I am worthy to receive these everyday…

I am thankful for my ongoing abundance.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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