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Newsletter (January 2012)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

January 2012

Happy New Year to everyone. This is a time for new beginnings. The past year is gone and it is time for us to move forward into the new year. Most people don’t strive for new beginnings because the unknown is scary. Even though people may not like where they are at the moment (job, relationship, anything), it is still familiar and comfortable and predictable and requires minimal effort. It is often avoidance (not being honest with ourselves) and resistance (too hard to change which is based on fear) that stops us. You know, it is not possible to move in two directions at the same time so whilst we are wasting our energy fighting against what we don’t want, we make no progress towards what we do want. Be careful where you direct your focus. If we are always focused on drama and problems then we will just attract more of the same. If we can learn to look for the blessing in disguise it will move us through the challenges more quickly. If we want to make better choices we need to ask better questions like “What is this teaching me and how can I use it to move forward”. When we commit to seeing things differently and are moving forward on our path our guides, Angels and the universe honours that and support comes

from all sorts of unexpected places. The connections we need to move forward present themselves. Many of us are not even conscious that we are blocking the flow through making decisions based in fear and struggle to understand why life is a struggle. The universe will continually knock on your door in the hope you will participate in moving forward. Maybe this year is the time to say “yes”. There are no steps too small if they are moving you in the right direction. I encourage you to start asking yourself “Does this thought come from fear or faith?” If it comes from fear know it won’t move you forward so why would you listen to it.

Choose to live life with passion, fall back in love with life and take back control of your thought process so you can choose what you listen to. Embrace life’s opportunities with faith and trust. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Maybe it is time to try a new approach? Make this your year of great things.

I wish you a life filled with great love, joy and wondrous beginnings.

Love & cheers


“How do we know how high our spirit can sour if we never give our spirit wings?”

Rosemary Althea

Recent Happenings

Reiki Level One is on Sunday 5th February 2012. Psychic Development Course Level One Beginners is on Sunday 29th January 2012. See web site for testimonials and details. Private Spiritual Mentoring sessions now available. Reiki for Kids coming soon.

take five

When fearful or negative thoughts come at us, instead of giving into them try seeing the thought in your mind and send it love, light and blessings.

Fill it full of light until that light absorbs it and turns it into light.

Practising this will help dissolve those negative and fearful thoughts. Don’t let these negative thought patterns have room in your life. It is time to move them on. Try this and see what happens :)

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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