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Newsletter (June 2012)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard
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June 2012

This month I would like to talk to you about goals. These goals I find few people think to set but I truly believe are the most important of all. Setting these goals makes it very easy to make decisions. I am talking about value goals. Who are you and what is important to you. Write down a list of values that are important to you and then see if you can prioritize your top 12. Make sure there is a balance across all areas of your life. Some examples are peace, love, joy, passion, wisdom, honesty, abundance, loyalty, compassion, generosity, integrity, kindness, responsibility, respect, tolerance, courage, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness and faith, just to name a few, hard to get it down to the 12 most important to you.
When you do this, and they may change as we grow in life, there are many ways to use them.
With decision making, if I have to make a decision then I find I need to be able to tick all of them. If I can, then the decision is a no brainer, if I can’t and it may only be one or two crosses then at some level it is going to compromise who I am and will not make me happy. I do very much believe in compromise in situations but I also believe if you have to give up who you are the price is too high.

How much of your energy is spent in these areas? Considering this is who you are or who you want to be, hopefully it is a great deal.
How do you express these values in your daily life?
If our beliefs of who we are and our actions contradict then we will be at odds with ourselves and that can’t be good for our souls. I do believe this is why a lot of people live with stress.
I find it helps me to reflect (that doesn’t mean beat myself up) and see where I did apply these values during the day and where I missed the opportunity. I find if I am aware of it this helps me move forward with living a better way. I have also found that my values are one of the few things that I truly own, I am born with them and I will die with them so they are mine to do something about, they must matter.
If we spent a great deal of our day stressed, angry, worried etc., have a look at our goals, do they even make the list then why are we giving them so much of our energy? Allow who you are or who you want to be to shine through. Focus this month on values. I wish you love, blessings and great values.

I wish you love, blessings and great moments of trust.

Love & cheers


"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."
Hans Hofmann

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take five

If there is a value that you struggle with more than others, make a concerted effort to practise it each day. For example, if it was tolerance. Make an effort to see yourself in the other person’s situation just as an experiment.
Pretend you have been given the job of debating the other person’s point of view and see if you can see things differently. It might just change your life :)

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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