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Newsletter (March 2011)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

March 2011

The Healing Power of Colours - Colours can have a tremendous effect on us as I am sure most of us have our favourite colour which makes us feel good. Colour can be used to help us when we are feeling unwell or negative. Colour can have an amazing affect on our emotions and moods. Below I will touch on the surface of some of the colours and how you can use them.
Blue - the universal colour of healing, if you are feeling unwell visualize yourself wrapped in a soft blue blanket or surrounded in blue.
Green - denotes peace, helps stem anxiety and brings calm, helps in balancing the body and spirit. Visualize walking barefoot on soft lush grass that is warm from the sun.
Red - colour of vitality, stimulation, needs to be used with care as can also bring anger, great to use sparingly if someone is suffering from depression or great fatigue. Visualize a tiny drop of red dancing in your aura.
Pink - colour of affection and love, aids in sadness. Visualize yourself in your soft blue blanket and imagine soft threads of pink being woven through it.r

Purple - promotes strength and growth both physically and spiritually. Visualize the water in your shower purple cascading down all over you.
Gold - denotes wisdom, joy, hope, strength and opportunities. Visualize a stream of gold light coming down through your head and filling your body.
Silver - Spiritual love, true giving because you have it to give not because you want something in return. Silver is the energy of purity. Visualize yourself surrounded by a silver mist, move through it soaking it up.
Brown - earth, home grounding, endurance, stability. Visualize yourself sitting with your feet filling with the colour brown and going down into the earth.

Take time to enjoy the colour of nature, the blue of the ocean, the green of the trees, the colour of the birds. Surround yourself with colours that make you feel good, it really can make a difference.

I wish you a life filled with colour and joy.

Love & cheers


"Every person in this life has something to teach me, and as soon as I accept that, I open myself to truly listening."

Catherine Doucette

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take five

You can also paint colour into your aura to help with healing and balancing.
Sit, close eyes, relax and breathe. See yourself sitting and imagine your aura or energy field around you. Choose the colour you need to use and imagine yourself picking up a paintbrush and gently painting some of that colour into your aura. Be careful of the strong colours, use sparingly.
Sit and enjoy the colour seeping into your aura.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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