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Newsletter (May 2011)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

May 2011

I would like to talk to you this month about energy and how it can help move us forward or stand in our way.
What we need to understand is that our mind creates our physical. As we think and feel, our energy reflects this and creates the picture our thoughts have created for us. There are many things in our lives that distract us and draw our energy and hold us from moving forward. Drama in our lives really does not need our attention, it just wants our energy.
Drama has a way of sucking you into its energy field if you let it and before you know it you are not only stuck but contributing to its energy. Many people fall into lives of high drama and accept this as normal. The cultural influence of reality television which normalizes attention seeking behaviour has certainly strengthened peoples’ belief that it is acceptable and normal to make a huge fuss of seemingly minor issues with modes of communication shown as yelling at each other.
Just as tornadoes suck up anything in their path, drama and chaos energy can suck people into it if allowed. When we buy into these dramas we need to take

responsibility for our role in it as we are now feeding it.
This is where it is vital to watch our thoughts and words as they will create the energy around us that will either suck us into the drama or allow us to step back and understand that it is not our drama and it is not necessary to participate in it. We have to respect ourselves enough to look at the decisions we make and the consequences that come from them.
Remember, it’s all energy and it is our choice to accept it or move it on. When drama is present you will also lose joy, clarity, peace, connection and truth.
If you feel yourself getting drawn into this energy, just stop and be still for a moment and be totally present. This will interrupt the flow of the drama energy and give you time to regroup and be in a position to listen to your thoughts and words and take control of them. Know that we can never fix someone else’s problems only our own. Becoming involved does not help the person it just feeds the negative energy. If we don’t get involved then people will either address their own issues or take the drama somewhere else. Their decision; their journey.
Honour that. I wish you a life filled with great energy choices.

Love & cheers



"The circumstances of our lives have as much power as we choose to give them."
Dave McNally

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take five

A quickie for stress relief.

Sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply. Visualise the colour blue, it may be in the form of a soft downy blanket, or fog or whatever you choose. As you breathe in and out imagine the blue wrapping around you, starting at your head and slowly winding itself around you until it reaches your feet. Enjoy being encased in the healing colour of blue for few moments before you get up

Enjoy :)

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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