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Newsletter (May 2012)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard
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May 2012

This month I would like to talk to you about trust. Trust is built with consistency. If we want to trust ourselves then we have to trust we have the capacity to create; change things for the better and be consistent with those thoughts. If we consistently limit ourselves with our negative thinking and speech of “I’m not” or “I can’t” then that will result in not trusting ourselves.
If we don’t trust in our capacity to deal with life it puts us into a perpetual state of fear and worry which becomes a vicious cycle. If we don’t trust our judgment we tend to take on too much as we don’t trust that we are acceptable to other people if we say no. We spend enormous amounts of energy on second guessing our choices after we have made them. When we don’t trust our parental instincts we overwhelm our children with too much. When we don’t trust our feelings we make ourselves way too busy trying to avoid them. We trust anyway and if what we trust in creates our experience be aware of this. Not trusting is only an illusion.
This is important. When we think negative thoughts we are trusting in negativity. We need to become aware of this and stop, breathe and refocus our thoughts and trust.

Self-trust and intuition work hand in hand. They are closely linked. In all areas, whether raising kids, relationships or career we need to be able to trust in ourselves and know what is right for us. I don’t believe there is lack in the world just the inability to trust ourselves enough to move us to the place we want to be.
Self-trust is a journey and here are a few ideas on how to increase it. Listen to your inner wisdom – if you listen you have a deep sense of what is right for you.
Be willing to make mistakes knowing that there will always be lessons to learn.
Forgive yourself when you do make mistakes and be prepared to learn and move on from them.
I believe our relationship with ourselves sets the pattern for all other relationships so trusting ourselves is a biggie if we want to learn to cope with the twists and turns life brings us with its lessons.
When we trust in ourselves we create positive energy that attracts good things into our life.
Choosing to trust ourselves, our life and our journey and our ability to navigate our way through it touches all aspects of our life, everything we touch, see and meet. It gives us the energy to do what we want to do. It is what we trust in that creates our reality and our experience in life.

Miraculous things can happen when we decide to trust ourselves.
I wish you love, blessings and great moments of trust.

Love & cheers


"We are never so vulnerable than when we trust someone – but funnily enough, if we cannot trust neither can we find love or joy."
- Walter Anderson

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take five

Sit quietly, relax and close your eyes. Focus on your heart centre as you breathe and repeat the following. I trust that I have the confidence to know what is right for me. I trust and accept who I am I am trustworthy. I trust in my capacity to deal with life and its lessons. I trust in miracles. I trust in divine guidance and help. I trust in a positive outcome. I trust……

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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