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Newsletter (November 2010)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

November 2010

Asking for help - I often have people tell me they constantly ask the Angels for help but nothing happens whereas I often ask the Angels for help and always receive. I believe the difference lies in the receiving. I believe that asking has two parts, first to ask and then to receive it. Most people are good at asking but not so good at receiving.

How do you know if you are not receiving? Some examples:

You keep asking over and over again for the same thing.

You worry about its outcome.

You try to force it to happen in your way so you can be in control.

You are stressed, anxious, frustrated or fearful about it.

If the receiving part is not done, then it is like someone trying to give you money when your fist is clenched tight, no matter how hard they try to give, you won’t receive it. To give you an example, I experienced this just recently. We had recently signed a contract on a house and had to sell ours, in a short time in a market that we were repeatedly told was the lowest it had been in a long time.

I asked for help, just the one time I then thanked the Angels each day for making this happen for me. After 3 weeks nothing had happened but instead of saying I am not going to get it I sat and asked the Angels to show me what I was doing to stop myself receiving this. I then saw that as I was constantly preparing the house for viewings I was feeling frustrated that this was still going on and was anxious that it would continue as my daughter’s wedding was coming up and with family staying, the house would not be in perfect condition to show then. This showed me that I had doubt and had not received. I let go of that and thanked the Angels for showing me and thanked them for making it happen. Within the next fortnight we had the house sold, actually 2 lots of people fighting over it, for well over our asking price.

If you find what you ask for is not manifesting, ask what it is YOU are doing to stop it happening. You cannot ask and then worry yourself to death over the outcome. Receiving is the key.

I wish for you a time of joy, peace and great receiving.

Love & cheers


"The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished."
George Bernard Shaw

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take five

To ask for help, sit quietly and ask the Angels to come. If you are not sure who to ask it does not matter, ask Michael to send who you need. Ask clearly and specifically what you wish to happen and then thank them.

The key is to then spend no more of your energy on this, know that it is done so that your energy is focused on other things that move you forward. Take some time when you think about it to thank the Angels for making it happen. If you see small steps of it coming thank the Angels every time to see something. If it has not manifested in a few weeks, ask the Angels to show you what you are doing to stop it coming to you and let go of that. I have found the only thing that gets in my way is usually me and I have control over that.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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