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Newsletter (October 2010)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

October 2010

Do children see spirits and angels? I am often asked these questions and I believe that all children are born with the ability of see or sense spirit and angels. I also believe that the imaginary friends that children often have are their spirit guides or angels or a spirit that is visiting them. Children also are visited in their dreams which at a very young age is difficult for them to understand. Unfortunately most children are taught not to trust what they see or hear and they learn not to see and hear as they grow older.

Some parents unknowingly teach their children at a very young age to mistrust themselves. Usually this is done out of protection because the parents misunderstand the situation. Thinking they are reassuring, they tell their children, there are no such things as spirits, your imaginary friend is not real it is just your imagination.

Children are born with natural trust and if they see someone they naturally acknowledge them. Children are not born with the conditioning that these things are not real. This is something that is taught to them as often they are made to feel different, strange or just plain nuts. If we tell a child

often enough that what they are seeing cannot be real they will start to believe it.

I would encourage you, if you have young children in your life, to treat what they see and hear as normal. Ask them about it when they bring it up but please don’t put them through an inquisition about it. Assure your children that this is normal and their visitors cannot hurt them. Let them know they have Guardian Angels who are always with them to protect them.

If you can allow their experiences to be real and share them with them in a loving and positive manner you will help them to develop to the best of their abilities without learning self doubt. You will help them to learn to be who they truly are and not fit others’ expectations of them.

I often work with parents who visit me with their children to help both to understand what is happening and what to do and how to set boundaries. Understanding takes away fear.

I wish for you a time of joy, peace and great sharing.

Love & cheers


"Look at everything as though you are seeing it for the first time, with eyes of a child, fresh with wonder."
Joseph Cornell

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take five

Bedtime meditation for kids.

Here is a meditation I used to do with my children from a young age. After I had put them in bed and read them a story I used to get them to close their eyes and have them imagine their special garden, it can have whatever they want it in, water, chocolate, trees etc. Get them to describe it to you. We talk about it as we use the garden each night. I ask them to imagine themselves going to their special garden. They are coming up to a gate that enters their garden. At the gate is a tree. Any worries they have had that day they are going to hang on the tree and leave them there before they enter their garden knowing that their special Guardian Angel is going to take care of the worries for them. If they don’t want to talk about the worries that’s ok just let them hang them on the tree and enter their garden before they go to sleep.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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